It can be challenging to visualize the size of a room or space just by looking at plans on paper. Noticing issues is difficult and requires time, effort, and money. Therefore, owners often choose to accept mistakes, and they are never 100% happy with the final result.

Don't spend thousands building your dream and then say, "I wish we had," or accept compromises on the building site because it's too late to change. Your perfect floor plan exists and can be developed upfront during the planning stage while you are at Lifesize Plans. Seeing your plans on a lifesize scale will ensure that you can reduce the likelihood of costly variations and building delays.

Who uses Lifesize Plans?

• Homeowners
• Architects
• Landscape Architects
• Interior Designers
• Builders/ Contractors
• Government Bodies
• Planning Authorities
• Estate Agents
• Developers
• Project Managers
• Event Organisers

Spectacular Experience
"Spectacular experience. The best investment you will make into helping you design your dream home. Highly recommend for anyone looking to visualize the end product."
Shonagh Harper & Isaac Wheelock


'Going to Lifesize Plans Leinster was incredible'

"Getting to see the plans at scale and the use of furniture/walls really helped to see how the layout of our home would work - which was very exciting to make it a reality but more importantly we could see where any parts of it were not working in reality so making changes at the design stage has saved us serious stress and money when it comes to the building of our home. The service was incredibly professional - I would recommend to anyone doing any sort of extension/building work."

Gavin & Amy Heffernan

With the use of state-of-the-art. patented technology and tailored programs, we can show your complete home - including ground and first floors, gardens, and entertaining areas, driveways and parking spaces in true 1:1 scale .
We incorporate the use of real furniture and partition walls to give you a real sense of the size of your layout. This ensures you are confident with the feel, flow and functionality of your build project.

This provides you with the opportunity to experience a real-life walkthrough and make sure you have everything 100% right to take the risk out of costly mistakes. A Lifesize Plans walkthrough experience gives you the confidence, assurance, satisfaction and security that you are building your dream.


Lifesize Plans Leinster’s fee is charged at €700+Vat per hour. To celebrate the introduction of the technology in Ireland - a promotional discount is being offered to early adopters of the service. Please see these below:

< 400 ft2

Time: 1 Hour
497 Plus VAT@23%
  • 29% Discount

400-2000 ft2

Time: 1.5 Hour
697 Plus VAT@23%
  • 34% Discount

2000-4000 ft2

Time: 2 hours
897 Plus VAT@23%
  • 36% Discount


Yes. Your first online meeting with us is completely free of charge and so is the resulting cost estimate! Please fill in the Questionnaire.

No. You’ll be asked to pay a minimum deposit at commencement. Follow-up payments are incremental and subject to the completion of agreed targets.

Yes. Our integrated approach includes compliance with the Buildings Control Management System and the appointment of a qualified Project Supervisor.

Yes. nühaus is fully committed to the stringent new nZEB and A BER standards. Taken together, these provide extensive guidelines applicable to all new domestic buildings in Ireland.

Yes. We source all our building materials. This allows us to get the best prices, but also enables us to guarantee the compliance of our projects with nZEB, BER and other applicable standards.

Yes. Every Gallery photograph documents a nühaus project.

Yes. We are fully insured. You can download full details along with our brochure, here.

Building and structural guarantees are included amongst the T&Cs in our standard contract, however, dissatisfaction is unlikely. We take great pride in our work and have built a stellar reputation over the years.

Yes. Our unique business model enables us to manage the design, financing, and planning elements of your construction project in-house.

Yes. nühaus will provide clear guidance on the process of applying for an SEAI grant.