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Special Needs

Special Needs Home BuildersSpecial Needs Home Builders

We are experienced special needs home builders and renovators. If a member of your family bears some form of physical disability, it becomes a priority for you to consider their convenience while carrying out any building or renovation work. At NÜHAUS, we understand this aspect and hence we offer a whole set of functional features throughout our architectural designs, house builds and renovations services to make day-to-day life of your family members a convenient and pleasant experience.

Toilets and bathrooms

In conjunction with our house build and renovations services, we offer special features for toilets and bathrooms for the convenience of disabled and elderly.

Adapting toilets and bathrooms in your house for disability is extremely essential as many leading medical journals have observed that elderly/physically challenged people are most likely to aggravate their conditions through seemingly trivial bathroom slips or shower accidents. To make bathrooms and toilets easy-to-access and avoid future mishaps, we provide following features:

  • Slip resistant flooring, even when wet
  • Wider and lighter doors for easy wheelchair movements
  • Adjustable heights of grab-rails and toilet seats
  • Emergency alarm systems
  • Adjustable handheld showerhead with multiple points of access
  • Adequate heating
  • Level tapped wash basin


  • Adequate empty spaces for easy movements of a wheelchair
  • Easy-to-use larger electric switches
  • Less cumbersome wall decor (cupboards and wardrobes)

Access features in general

  • Lighter doors that are easy to open and shut
  • Doors and corridors designed for easy movements of wide wheelchairs
  • Modified functional-plans to allow for staircases (finalized after consulting with you)
  • Optimum slope for skid-free ramps on either entrances

Looking after your family members with special needs is a demanding but definitely commendable job. So, let us share some of your burden and we can together make the daily routine of your family convenient and pleasant. After all, that’s what community life is all about in our opinion.

If you are looking to adapt your house for disabilities, Call NÜHAUS experts on 01 440 2285 or get in touch