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People opt for renovations in their houses for numerous reasons. You might have new needs, new ideas or new plans you want to implement in and around your house. At NÜHAUS, we understand the underlying reasons behind the need for house renovations and that’s what makes us different from the plethora of sub-standard construction companies in Dublin.

We believe in working alongside you, rather than just going forward and finish the job in a factory-product way. We consider each and every renovation project as a new challenge to our creativity and we always go out of our ways to provide you with solution that you will love and not just solutions that get the job done.

Three of the most common house renovation aims are:

  • Creating more space
  • Adding more utility to your property
  • Rendering a newer and fresher look to your house

We will go through these one at a time.

Creating more space:

If you are on the happy path of welcoming a new family member or your grown-up kids need separate bedrooms each; if you want a library in your study room or you want to split the store room into a study room, we can incorporate renovations of all kinds in your existing building structure to add that extra space in your house.

Adding more utility to your property:

By turning unused spaces like attics or cellars into more useful rooms like home-gym or even a jamming room for your home-grown rock band, we can add utility to your property.

Rendering a newer and fresher look to your house:

Renovations can add a new and fresh look to your house and give you and your family a feeling of owning a new house altogether. At NÜHAUS, we specialize in revamping the outlook of your house exactly as you want it done.

So, what makes NÜHAUS better than the other construction companies?

  • With NÜHAUS, you get design and construction services under one roof, in one bundle. This means you don’t have to deal with two different professional entities who will probably never work in unison to achieve the renovated look that you want. Also, our design experts will work with you to combine your vision into our design expertise so that there’s no mismatch of ideas. Our legal and safety experts, in collaboration with the chartered engineers we have on board, will make sure that the renovation projects- right from planning to construction- comply with the current building regulations as well as health and safety norms.
  • Our design and construction teams work in tune. This ensures that the designs that you have approved are turned into reality without any discrepancies.

NÜHAUS is the best partner you can have for house renovations, in Dublin. Some of our most sought after renovation services are:

  • Restructuring of walls and Installation of Steel beams
  • Wallpapering and Plastering
  • Insulating your walls /
  • New electrics and plumbing: installing boilers and radiators, heat pumps; utility network revamping
  • Partial or complete flooring
  • Replacing old or installing new staircases

The possibilities are virtually endless. So, to share your house renovation vision with our design experts, Call NÜHAUS experts on 01 440 2285 or get in touch right away! You can also read more about NÜHAUS and the people behind NÜHAUS here.