As environmentally-friendly builders, we’re constantly seeking out ways to make our buildings more energy-efficient. So much so that, when Ireland updated its building regulations back in 2017, our buildings were already ahead of the game. Even today, our green builds typically outperform current government regulations by up to 250%, and we’re very proud of our dedication to green building.

Along with following international voluntary standards for green buildings, such as ‘passive house’ designs, which require very little energy to be warmed or cooled, we also have our own energy-efficient tricks too, including all of the most important green buildings techniques. Each eco build we finish isn’t just environmentally-friendly now, you’ll be able to rely on our green building work for decades to come.

The controllable indoor environment provided by your nühaus ‘green house’ is a result of a superior airtight build. With benefits that go far beyond energy efficiency, each ‘green house’ is significantly more resistant to structural damage from moisture and damp, as well as completely draft proof.

Always Energy-Efficient

We use specific energy-saving measures too. The cold Irish ground underneath our homes can have a big impact on heat and energy efficiency, acting as a constant leak that requires us to input more energy. To help offset this, we use ‘insulated raft’ foundations and continuous above-ground insulation. These techniques can massively reduce any ground-based heat loss and have the added advantage of protecting a structure from moisture and decay. Easily adaptable, any project with specific planning or architectural requirements can enjoy a more energy-efficient nZEB (nearly zero energy building) home with our work.

Many of our structures also make extensive use of glue-laminated timber (GluLam). This looks great and stands the test of time, but its real advantage lies in its strength-  up to 70% more rigid than the timber it replaces, eliminating settling and movement in a build. Along with this material, we incorporate structured insulated panels (SIPs) into our buildings to reduce cross-sectional areas on our walls, increase wall strength and insulate our buildings. With our methods, houses both save energy and enjoy extra interior space.

We’re not just concerned with energy — clean air is essential for a safe and healthy home environment. In each eco build we design, we incorporate mechanical ventilation and heat recovery systems (MVHRs) so that you can enjoy fresh air without the associated chill. These innovative heat recovery systems consist of ventilating fans with air filters to remove pollutants along with heat exchangers, heating elements and automatic controls. Energy-efficient even in cold weather, MVHRs are particularly suited to the damp Irish climate.

Here at nühaus, we’re strong believers in a better, more energy-efficient future. As part of this mentality, we’re increasingly using solar panels in our eco builds. With photovoltaic solar panels (solar PV), homeowners can harvest their own clean, natural energy with very little or no maintenance. Modern solar PV systems can even store excess generated power, reducing your bills, mains dependency and environmental impact. Just like your nühaus build, a solar PV system is an investment for the future, for you and your family.

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Yes. Our integrated approach includes compliance with the Buildings Control Management System and the appointment of a qualified Project Supervisor.

Yes. nühaus is fully committed to the stringent new nZEB and A BER standards. Taken together, these provide extensive guidelines applicable to all new domestic buildings in Ireland.

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