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Our Team

So, who’s behind NuHaus? Meet the people in architectural and construction team with skills and ideas that make NuHaus a leading construction company in Dublin.

Christopher Boylan

Head Architectural Designer

This is Chris. He’s our head of architectural design and is passionate about residential design.
A former student of DIT, Dublin, while Christopher works with us here at head office, he also operates his own company Plantech working in both the commercial and residential design and build. Having processed more than 300 planning applications to date, Christopher is an expert in all planning and
building regulations.

‘Good design is essential to any build. Not only does it form a clear visual plan for everyone involved, but it also gives the client a preview of how it will turn out. The surveys we carry out before work begins also help us pre-empt any problems that might crop up and enables everyone to work together to achieve the shared vision.’


Marcela Passos

Project Engineer – Estimator

Marcela has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and Project Management, and Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering and quantity surveying. Her experience includes planning, budgeting and resource management of construction projects.


Samuel Tasso

Architectural Designer

Samuel has a Bachelors Degree in Architecture and Urban planning, and a Diploma in Technical Coordination of Projects. His experience includes Design & Supervision of Residential and Commercial projects, Compatibility and Interior Architecture. Samuel is also a specialist in 3D design.


Villius Cesiunas

Construction Director

Villius is an experienced professional and he will work directly on-site, managing the construction teams and keeping an eye on the progress of your projects at each stage. He will make sure that every step is in agreement with the plans drawn out as well as the building regulations.

Working in liaison with the QS-Team and a Structural Engineer, Villius will be your go-to person for any construction queries you might have.


Eduardo Saavedra

Project Engineer – Estimator

Eduardo has a Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Engineering and Finance and a Higher Diploma in Business Intelligence. Eduardo has huge experience in Site Management ,Project Engineering and Quantity Surveying in Industrial and Residential areas.

Our Structural Engineers:

We have a team of experienced structural chartered engineers. They have handled a variety of projects in Ireland while working with NuHaus as the chief chartered structural engineers.

Nominated Engineers will carry out thorough structural inspections and review the working sites as per required norms and building standards. A certification from Chartered Engineer will be essential as per the building regulations and also for the future re-sale purposes that you might have in mind. On further request, our Chartered Structural Engineer can act as your assigned certifier as part of the new planning regulations requirements