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Tax Credit


What is it?

Home Renovation Incentives Scheme is a national scheme. The aim for HRI is to aid the homeowners in Ireland who undertake qualifying renovations work through a registered contractor, such as NÜHAUS. Unlike SEAI grant, HRI pays the homeowners through tax credits.

Who can benefit from HRI Scheme?

To put it simply, every homeowner is Ireland, who carries out qualifying renovations work at their property is eligible for HRI tax credit. The work must be carried out through a registered contractor and the homeowner has to be a regular taxpayer. The renovated property should be duly listed with the local property listings.

NÜHAUS is a nationally registered contractor and all the renovations work we carry out is eligible for HRI tax credits.

What sorts of renovations are covered by HRI?

Most of the regular renovations are included by HRI. Some typical examples are given below.

  • Flooring
  • Roofing
  • Garage conversion, attic conversion
  • Bathroom and toilet renovations
  • Plastering and plumbing
  • Landscaping
  • Adapting for disabilities
  • Sun rooms and conservatories
  • Alarm systems installation or upgrades
  • Septic tanks upgrade/installation

For a more detailed list of qualifying works, please visit this web page.

How much can I expect to receive as tax credits through HRI?

The minimum threshold expenditure for HRI eligible works is €4,405 (before VAT @13.5%) per property. This may include one ore multiple renovation jobs for the said financial year.

The HRI received will be 13.5% of the qualifying expenditure in the form of tax credits, applicable for that financial year only. The lower limit for HRI tax credit per property is €595 while the higher limit per property is €4,050.

NÜHAUS is a registered and certified company for SEAI grants and HRI tax credit. If you want to know more about these schemes and to find out whether you qualify, Call NÜHAUS experts on 01 440 2285 or get in touch